The solution lies within, I'll help you get there

HEALING in a whole new way



You are in the right place if ...


You have struggled with a health challenge and have tried everything without getting the results you expected. The treatments offered by traditional medicine have never felt right to you, and the "struggle" has left you feeling exhausted, lonely and even unsafe.

It feels like you've been repaired with a bandage, but your inner self is craving for true healing.

This is where I come in ...

If you've been struggling ...

Chronic problems or chronic pain



Stress & burnout

Autoimmune reactions


Postcomotional syndrome

Physical or mental trauma

Allergy development

Digestive problems

Fatigue or depression

You are well-researched and need to optimize your health, resources and treatment.

HELL from the root and ALL heals

At some point, when I was working in the medical field, and during my education, I felt like had forgotten something very crucial: we DO have everything we need.

Our bodies know how to heal. There is nothing wrong with us humans. Nothing wrong with you. We need a place to go where we are being fully seen and supported through our own resources. We have to experience it for ourselves. Know that it does not have to come from that other person. It exists within you. I felt we had our focus upside-down , which is WHY I created the concept "Aliveness Medicine" and work from there.

Don't worry if you feel far away from your sense of ALIVENESS - if you are here and this is what you long to get in touch with and receive - you are in the right place. I would love to help you connect with the deepest longings of your heart and move you from that space.

I am ready to assist you !!

Xo Dr.Ida

* I help people in Danish and English - reach out and tell me which language you prefer!

You are here because you are ready


This PRIVATE package is available in a one-time"REBOOT & RECENTER" form if you know you are in control, but need help igniting your healing and release what keeps you stuck. You have all your tools and you are ready to go on your own so you feel that one session is enough.


1-1 Sessions STRONG PACKAGE to ignite your health and integrate changes and tools throughout 12 sessions over 6 months. You will experience the changes and effects of this evolving healing process after each session. Expect Increasing Energy, Clarity and Changes Affecting All Aspects of Your Life - You will integrate the processes in mind and body, and the ALIVENESS MEDICINE way of living and healing, so that you are ready to heal yourself.


Intimate Live Groups, where you receive my help and go through a deep mindbody process in a safe space. Receive expansive, life-changing support. We meet online twice a month for 6 months to integrate the deep healing process that we ignite in you. Get all your questions answered and get the benefit of getting in touch with like-minded people. A very expansive and vibrant way to receive help.

I also host local workshops and retreats. Get in touch.

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