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This is me....

Opdateret: 17. okt. 2019

Why doing all the right things, doesn't always create the wanted results and how to deal with it, if it seems to be your reality....

Dear you

I feel like sharing a bit about my story, that I feel you might relate to....

For me it used to be in a way, like I was ready for so many experiences in life and so ready to contribute in so many ways! I knew I was here to create something big and to assist in healing the world. I knew I was here for a limited time and really wanted to use all my resources in the very best way.....I went hiking in mountains, travelled the world, working abroad and also worked and studied a lot at home, and did a lot of other fun stuff...before I knew it, my life took a huge shift though, and I had prepared for this all my life...

“If you find yourself challenged and stuck in times of change, you might want to checkout your foundation”

Your foundation might have been perfect until now - it worked perfect for me, until it was time for a change - maybe you recognide that in your life as well? If you find yourself in a situation of healing, where the tools you've build up through life, suddenly won't work? In that case, you might find yourself devastated and in despair....who wouldn’t? Maybe you try to fire up, like you've tried so many times before in your life and with great succes, only this time, it just doesn't seem to work out for you?

Feeling like there's nowhere to go for help?

It sure did for me? like you might have guessed, I bumped into challenges in life - Health challenges, and the conventional systeme didn't have the pill or the cure for me - I felt so alone, and so helpless. As a doctor I had such confident in that system. And people really wanted to help, but didn't see the way....Searching everywhere and everyone for the right assistance It felt like I had hit the wall. Both the conventional system, my relatives, and I felt like this was to much of a mountain to climb, like eating up the rocky mountains in one bite....There was a lot of insecurity around the future, around all aspects in life, which often shows up, when health challenges hits our life, and a lot of fear all over. Huge waves of fear moving through all of us. It was the biggest challenge in my life, and as I already shared with you, I had been traveling the world, working in acute situations as a doctor, including 3rd world contries and been in situations, that many people would describe as challenging.... This is just to say, that I know, that no matter how lost you might feel, and worthless of not being able to just heal, get better, and get done with it, I know, how tough this is, to go through, and I know, how powerful and resourceful you are, no matter how much, you might experience that you're reality is only reflecting the opposite.....

There is a whole new way for you!

“When I am finally being still, I wonder what I was ever running away from”

Sometimes we need to go deeper, we are invited to try a new path. It may seem scary at first, but trust me, you will begin to like it! There is a way for you - you path is a unique path for you and it can be fluid and easy. I found my path in unexpected ways and experienced life in a whole new way! Life was inviting me into so much more, than I could ever imagine, and I bet you feel the same, on some level....This is why you are meeting me here, you are on the right path, and I would love to come along with you. You definitely don't have to walk it alone.....Instead of doing and fighting, this way is one of BEING, of stillness and of fluidity - Welcome to a whole new way of healing.....💚

Ready for that adventure?

I look forward to assisting you and connect with you - this is my passion and this is who I came here to be! I thought it looked entirely different for a while, and that's the amazing adventure of life - you've got this and life has your back, one of the steps is very likely to meet me! There is so much in store for you! Let's ease into can be playful and it was never meant to be a struggle - Breath in and breath out, and maybe you feel that....maybe you sense something, maybe that’s hope?

Reach out, and let me know....until Then,

lot’s of love, Ida

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