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No one should be alone with their healing - we heal together!

Opdateret: 18. nov. 2019

Dear you

Are you feeling alone with your disease? Like no one really gets you? Or like you have to stay alone, because you are to tired to go out? Or you don’t feel good looking enough,

ase? Would you just like to meet up in your sofa and have a relaxed talk lying Down, because that’s What your body needs today? Do you feel wrong and bad and insufficient and try to pull yourself together? Are you trying to hide this, and maybe even criticising yourself, because you feel, that you should have done better? You should have been Well by now? Or have taking better Care of yourself, so you wouldn’t have gotten sick? Or are you blaming yourself for not having more energy to get things done? Are you ashamed of yourself for not being Well? Are you hiding and afraid of being seen and judged for being sick or being lazy?

This is so normal!! This is not just you!! All of This is a Big burden to carry, on top of health issues!! And it Can be so hard to see it for ourselves. Or allowing our selves to be in peace. It‘s okay for the others, but I should have done better! Do you know that one?

It wasn’t until lately, that I met another person, going through challenges similar to my own, that I suddenly realized, how hard This had Been. Struggling with health issues for so long, being so challenged in life, in Pretty much all means, because of that, and when I Saw that reflected in her, and as she shared her story with me, from her heart, I felt and knew, that something inside me had healed. Instantly. I was for the first time

able to acknowledge, how hard it had Been. How challenging. And to appreciate myself for that, as I did with her. Her story ignited my healing, and it meant so much!!

This is how we heal. By connecting to ourselves AND to others. We know This from the placebo effect in medicine. That This happens between two people, when you meet that person, that transmit something to you, in the unseen. We create so much in the unseen. Wich is why it is so right, that you need much more ease, than you might Think is okay, but it makes sense. And that’s another story, I Will share with you, but for now, take Care

and be nice to yourself,

- and reach out if you want to be part of the live groups to ignite your healing, and allow your story to contribute to others and vice versa❤️

I Would love to assist you! And for you to experience, that you make a difference, and is a huge contribution, as you Heal - even from your sofa❤️Just reach out, if This speaks to you!!

Lot’s of love, Ida Malene Voss Kisku

MindBody medicine physician

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