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MINDBODY MOVEMENT - Workshop in my Garden - LIVE EVENT!

Opdateret: 17. sep. 2020

WORKSHOP in my garden - “Reset & Reboot for 2020”

SUNDAY 20. Of september 2020, at 13-1600 hrs.

Dear Friend

After all of this turmoil we have been going through this year - there has been a stirring. Life shakes us up.

This happens all the time in life, in nature and in our bodies as well. And we feel it!

Like nature creates a storm, to remove old carbage, so is the body doing all it can, to release us from old stuck, yak, energy, that has been stored and hidden in our bodies, and is no longer of any need to us. It is only creating tension, lack, numbness, sometimes even anxiety and depression. Fatigue. exhaustion. Depleting us. It sounds perhaps a bit out there, if you haven't thought about this before, but give it a closer look, and it will make sense, or I’ll explain it to you, and the most efficient way is to HAVE AN EXPERIENCE!!

Come to my garden and experience how you can move your body and feel good about it. How this can be self honoring, self loving and healing at the same time. Get to know and receive wisdom about your true POWER. Our power as human beings and as VIBRATIONEL BEINGS! You were never purely physical and you know that…..Sometimes we just forget…..

We are so much more, than we might think, going on with our day to day life.

Come and remember! Life is so much than what meets the eye. And we need more, than “do what needs to be done” and follow what makes sense to the mind. Did you know, that so much more can be created from being playful, and indulging in actions, that seem to make no sense to the mind? Being cerative, listen to your body and follow you vibes?

I will share this world with you in my 3 hrs workshop in my Garden - It’ll be fun, profound, healing and powerful!

This is me - this is you - This is us ! Come and play ;-)

Big love, dr. Ida

MindBody Medicine Physician


I assist people in getting back to their authentic expression and heal through that...

Pratical info:

Write me from my page for more details about the event! Go to my page for more about me

and contact me through the contact form.

Reservation sker ved betaling.

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