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Loneliness What is it about?

Opdateret: 30. jun. 2020

Let’s play with it a bit.

Let’s look at it a bit from the outside and from different angels.

Loneliness. We all know that emotion. Any of us Can experience that now and Then. It Can move through us. Faster than we even register the sensation. We Can be together. We Can be alone.

We Can sense it from other people og from our selves.

It’s an emotion. It’s an energy. It’s a Vibe. A signal.

What is it trying to tell us?

And What do we receive?

That depends on where we come from.....

If we are sitting physically alone, and we dont like that, we might feel the loneliness creeping in. We might feel, that we are different and separated from everyone Else. We might feel not good enough, unworthy because of being alone. The loneliness can be overwhelming.

Maybe we run away as soon as it creeps in on us.

We really dont want to feel that uncomfortable sensation. Maybe we really feel very lonely and isolated in our lifes, and feel dispair creeping in un us too.

So here is What my friend and I did when we felt the loneliness Vibe - because it’s Been around a lot These days and months.



On a personal human level: I am alone, I dont see Anyone around me Therefore I am alone and I am lonely. No - that’s not even true, but we are being invited to look and experience that in a different Way!

The spirituel Or the quantum physics Way and universiel level (the all go, depending on your believes and the Way you see and experience the World:

You are never alone!

You and we are part of the Human tribe!

You May not see Or experience Anyone around you, sharing your perspective AND the truth is:

You Can connect with everyone anywhere, right now! And you dont even NEED a phone Or any Technology to make that connection!

True; we Can have tuned into the despair Channel and there Can be experiences calling us here. Old emotions we need to meet and Care for. Observe and look at, to allow Them to be processed and set free!

As I am telling you now, we have different frequencies and channels to Tune into.

We also have emotions and programs in us, that sometimes get stuck - especially if we keep running away from wanting to meet Them.

We have the ability to Tune into each other, and each others experiences, thoughts and dreams and ideas.

This means, that the heaviness you are sensing, might not even be yours.


Well: What if you are connected with someone who needs your love? Who is calling for your attention?

If you knew that - Would you still run away? Have it being your body, your Human self? Your Spirit? Your inner Child? Or even your adult - Or someone Else - a friend, a soul mate, that you dont know yet Or someone you do know - you future client🌟🌟🌟🌟🧚🏻

Here is What happened to my friend and I - on a Day with loneliness during the corona💗

I did a video on that - but it doesn’t upload / so the story comes here:

In two different contries we sensed loneliness. And tended to that and nurtured it! For me it was fast and soon after I Got the hint, to reach out for my friend and another friend, with an inspiration I had. I also received insides on connecting with another old friend. And much more - to be shared in another time....

I immedeatly reached out to my friend - who was still nurturing her sensation of loneliness, as she received my message about meeting her for a creative project about all that comes up for us during These corona times and how we Can grow and come together and open up for new ways of Living💓

We Would meet in a joyful way and the 3 of us, was very excited about it!!

We had a beautiful meeting and a great, meaningful, joyful And deep time together - coming from allover the planet and we were all very uplifted. That’s when my friend shared, how This all had come up with her - and how This synchronisity had happened - all This was created through us, as a contribution to humanity and we all experienced a beautiful shift by connection - listening, feeling and acting❤️

This is exactly why it is so important, that we pay attention to all of our emotions and take time to be still and listen!

You never know, who Or What is actually calling YOU Or What wants to be created through YOU! And through the heaviness as Well! The one we tend to want to run away from and the one, that is actually calling us - YOU and ME! All of us! To so much more!!!

Can you imagine?

Let me know your experience! And how it goes for you!

And dont hesitate to reach out, if you Would like to know how to honor and LOVE yourself more and listen more deeply, as a Way of healing YOU and the World💜

With deep compassion for your Journey!

Love, dr. Ida Malene

Heal through spirituel growth

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