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Hi Beautiful woman💗

Opdateret: 17. jun. 2022

Dear Sister - amazing woman🌸 Søster og fantastiske kvinde!

Are you feeling it too? That we are so Ready to let the true feminine from deep inside come through? - And if you arent sensing it that clearly, perhaps you are recieving it, as a sensation of not feeling complete? Whole? Like something is missing....a sense of lack of Meaning and fullfillment? - This is not just YOU - it’s rather YOU sensing a calling for more and a calling for long desired change and more embodyment and expression of our feminity and true power as women💗 - It is often expressed as a sense of loneliness, stress and any kind of lack: money, TIME, ENERGY, love, intimacy - Or just the sense of dissatisfaction and insufficiancy....Often This goes with brain Fog and Can be a very confusing experience.....but mainly is how your body is expressing the huge calibration it’s going through -  as a consequence of These huge changes we are all moving

througe..... What if.....there is so much more for you? And your body is needing you to pause and create space to receive that?    What are here for something much bigger and much more fluid and creative, than you are currently experiencing in your life? What if....You are here with a very important life purpose? And now is the time to explore and express that?

What if it’s time for you to make PEACE with you - and for us women to support each other and make PEACE with each other?

Take our true divine POWER back? 

Recieve and claim, what was always yours - lovingly and clearly✨

Time to love and honor yourself, each other, your sex and own your true GIFTS more than ever and move beyond all the shame, division and seperation, that has been played out for centuries for us women..... End all betrayal of you really are and how powerful YOU are..... Time to HEAL your body and your relationship with your unique and precious body......

And give yourself time and space to grief and meet, what is calling so, to be met, seen and heard?

What if what you’re experiencing is so right!

What if it’s time and the time is now!……

What if what you are sensing is so right! You are here for a greater purpose and you are part of something even greater! All your senses are telling you this and knows. Your body knows! It’s time to heal our history as women - it’s time to create change! And you are part of this!

This is WHY it is so important to come together as women in powerful, true and loving communities and give attention and love to the pain inside and the darkness make for even more light to come through...... How? I will assist you! And show you how….And we will elevate together! I will invite you into a higher frequency and assist your calibration safely in healing and powerful and playful community for women only! I am so excited about this new program!

Come and join my new group: AWAKE WOMAN! We will meet 12 times within the next 6 months - Sign up now and JOIN me from November 2020!! Learn more - AWAKE WOMAN! And write me to join, ask questions and join my webinar on Tuesday october 20 - 2020, at 1800 CPH / 1200 EST to learn more, meet me - try a zoom group and ask questions! OR simply come to receive and be in the GOOD VIBES.

Mark your calendar - and also know, that you have the possibility of joining two FREE LIVE EVENTS with me to assist you in the proces of choosing and deciding.

I will be LIVE on october 27.-2020, 1800 CET / 1200 EST too.

This means that we will get to know each other and you will get the unique opportunity of feeling more deeply into, what your are being invited into in our relation - you, me and the group. Come and join and let things unfold as we go.... I would LOVE to have YOU in the group and I am so excited about this new program!! Love, Ida  P.s. Obs. En lille hilsen på dansk: Programmet begynder d.5. Juni 2021

- Læs mere her og skriv dig på venteliste - Du modtager en OPVÅGNINGS-audio fra mig - min gave til dig!

Go to services on to learn more Or write me to book & ask questions....❤️

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