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Create a new beginning❤️- Come and connect!

Opdateret: 20. okt. 2020

It’s time to create a new beginning - Can you believe it?

See how there is always light ahead? I noticed that on my personal journey - No matter how Dark and Grey the Day seemed - when I looked up into sky, there Would always be light shining through somewhere - even the slighest bit Would count! This is how it begins! And why it is so important, that we come together and allow that spark to be nourished, fed and grow❤️ We do that, by unplugging and listen to our inner voice AND by connecting with each other! Those like hearted spirits and souls, that uplifts and fills your Well and that newly sensed spark inside of something more....and perhaps it doesn’t feel like a spark - whereever you are - you are so Welcome and we Will light you up! Just by showing up - Your light Will grow💗 So here it is! The reminder to the event, I announced 2 weeks ago. Because I know we get so much information all the time, This is it.  Write me in the comments below or from dridakisku.com contact form. Subscribe to my list right now to be sure and to know about This and future events.

FREE Q&A and more LIVE EVENT Online! Cozy, calm, lively and uplifting❤️Healing💚 Tuesday october 20., 2020 - 1800 CET (Danish time) and 1200 EST. Looking so much forward to seeing you there! You dont have to have any questions - you might just come for the GOOD VIBE and the great Company!!! Hope to see you tomorrow night! For a calming, healing, soothing & empowering connection session with me❤️ Big love, dr. Ida  P.s. Check my FAQ on dridakisku.com

I have added a Danish FAQ video to my page - it’s at the buttom of my page dridakisku.com

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