Awake Woman program

Opdateret: jan. 16

Ongoing Global Retreat throughout winter & spring 2021 ✨

Use the opportunity of our global lockdown to grow, connect with yourself and others in new ways and let your inner genius come through and be free and allowed to Express!

Become part of This powerful group program - joining a supportive community with the opportunity to connect deeper and practice sharing your voice in a safe space in our private group.

The "Awake Woman" program contains healing science & mind-body wisdom sharings, vibrational healing, calibration assistance and much more! - as a very powerful Way of COMING BACK TO YOU - Creating a new relationship with yourself and your body and listening to the wisdom that lies deep within.

Come and claim your true power! 🙏 🦋 Learn more and sign up here:

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Love, Dr. Ida & team

MindBodyMeta Medicine Specialist & Physician

Aliveness Medicine & MindBodyMedicine DK

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