Are you looking outside of you?

Opdateret: 21. sep. 2019

It is so easy to get caught in finding the right solution to heal, searching for information, for that person, that missing piece, that Would make the puzzle perfect for you to Heal, be happy, energized, rich or whatever it is!

When we feel less than happy and Well, it is so easy to search outside of ourselves - especially nowadays, when are getting bombarded from all sides in these times of information overload!!

- Have a deep breath, feel your body and look within - what are you even feeling? Restlessness? Numbness? Exhaustion? And What might you feel Or be aware of, if you stop and look beneath that sensation? If you are willing to patiently and lovingly listen, What will you find? Is there a message there for you? Is something trying to come through? Were you actually being asked to give yourself a pause Or a bit of attention. To stop sending your energy out in the World, instead Of keeping it for you?

What if you could send all that amazing energy and attention back to you and fill your cup up again. What if the fear of missing out, and not having it and feeling like it has to come from the outside, because “ I am not enough”, could be turned around, and converted to Loving energy, that resources you, and calms you, and gives you insight on What might contribute the most to you right now?

I was running This pattern for so long, at it has Been a hard one to break! So really dont be hard on yourself, please! But isn’t it interesting to play with the possibility, that we could turn that around?

At first I wasn’t aware What was going on, and I know, that whenever Things like that comes up for me, it is always required for me to be more present and move more slowly. Breath. Turn of the phone. Go for a walk. Really notice the Sounds around me, see What I see, maybe even say out loud, What I notice, like “I see the leaves on the tree, and I feel the soft Wind on my skin”, “I notice the beautiful clouds on the sky, I hear the Sound of my feet on the Ground”, etc. - it really calms our system to be present in the now, and this Will take you back...Very likely calm you...Let the air contribute to you - let you phone stay at home. Stop searching and listen within. From there you Can receive very wise choices, instead of getting lost in endless research.....You do know What to do! Not necesarrily without assistance, but see if you Can make your choice from a place of knowing. During that walk maybe......❤️

Have fun with this, be still might be a new task to learn, so give yourself some credit for trying, whatever it looks like🎇🎆👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

With love, Ida Malene Voss Kisku

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