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Are you following your path? Or the path of others?

Opdateret: 21. sep. 2019

Dear you!

Do you feel like you should do, as the others say? That they Will know the Way to Heal eventhough it feels extremely wrong and heavy to you? Are you doing it anyway? Or feeling bad if you don’t follow that path?

We can have so many Things going on in our system, when we end up in situations that feel uncertain....We Would like to know, if our lover Will stay with us, even though we aren’t the ones we felt we were before, Or when Or how to Heal....Maybe you carry a fear that you Will never find your soul mate, because of This situation, that seems to be taking you Down and keeping you away from opportunities.....So What do you do?

Do you find yourself, trying to keep up with the others, going out there, maybe compromising your health or you body’s needs - feeling it isn’t really safe for you to pull back and nurture, because the World and your relations won’t wait for you?

Or do you choose a regime, that doesn’t suit you, because it feels more safe to listen to others, than to yourself? Even though your body is screaming: NOOoooooo!!!!

Whatever it is, our system is often

being run by fear, without us realising it - but What if you could be with all that uncertainty, and still feel safe inside. Feel protected and know that it is safe to be you, and to trust your knowing, and that you Will always receive What you need, whatever that looks like - even amazing health and Joy, love and freedom?

Can you imagine that being possible?

It is!! And this is where healing happens, where you and your body begins to calm Down, so that you body’s capacity is used wisely, instead of spending an insain amount of energy on living in fear, wich is so commen for us....

Please don‘t blame yourself if This is you - nothing is wrong with you!! And everything starts with awareness, noticing that “I might be working against my greater good here“

- but these are powerful forces, run by your subconscious, and These patterns aren‘t changed by Will alone - and it isn’t something we were meant to deal with alone.....Just know, that so much more is possible for you, and reach out if you need it....

Right now, I am opening up for groups online, were we will become aware of where Those resources went, and take them back to YOU! And receive the loving support you need, from me and your group mates!!

I Would love to assist you - and the beauty of it is, that you don‘t need to fight or search to move through this. It’s the opposite - This is the new pattern to learn - and You have all you need to do it - it Will unfold on the Way❤️

For sign up, just write me on the Work with me page, Or Press the “book now” button!

We Can be blocking our resources in so many ways in our body, so no wonder if you are getting depleted, if your system is constantly fighting for your life❤️

Lot‘s of love, Ida Malene Voss Kisku, Mindbody Medicine physician

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