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tors. 22. apr.


Online on Zoom

Helhed og helings workshop

Her er en serie af workshops, der kan stå alene eller med fordel modtages samlet. Vi mødes 4 gange, Torsdage kl.13-1400. Du kan tilmelde dig og modtage eventet på optagelse, lydfil eller video, såfremt du ikke kan deltage på ovenstående tidspunkt. Jeg ser så meget frem til at se dig!!

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Helhed og helings workshop
Helhed og helings workshop

Tid & sted

22. apr. 2021 13.00 – 15.00 CEST

Online on Zoom

Om eventet

Are you longing to connect more deeply with yourself and your personal powers?

Do you know, that you acutally have superhero powers availbale to you?

And support around you? That you can call upon?

In this workshop series, I will guide you to explore your senses, your body, your intuiton, and step into your higher awareness and super powers, by mastering what you already came with from the right beginning!

An amazing body and a navigation system, that won't fail you!

Hello to you, yourself, your spirit and your new found life and superpowers! 

I am looking so much forward to play with you!

General about my work and what to expect: 

My deep passion is for you and others commited to growth and a happy life! And when you are not feeling that, you want to learn how to check in with yourself, support yourself and learn how to love yourself even more.

No matter what, it's a very essentiel piece to your overall wellbeing, healing and growth potential. When life throws you off - or it feels like. You choose to reach out for support. That's selfloving and a very empowering action. And there are many more steps to this of course. We are always growing and learning and right now is an exremely powerful time to heal through connecting with yourself and others in loving, supportive, true and new ways!

Perhaps you just discovered a new found intuitive gift? Perhaps you now know it's time to develop them! Perhaps you need a hint and clarity on your new direction. Perhaps you need to know how to best support yourself, your healing proces and growth throughout these times. 

You are so welcome here! I will assist you and even you showing up in this group and choosing YOU will too. 

No matter if you are danish or from anywhere in the world, you are so welcome!!

This is very much a vibrational meeting and healing experience, so no language skills really are aquiered. You will be sensing everything through your body and cells instead. However, I will be sharing on english and danish - and if needed spanish. It all depends on participants needs.

About your host: 

I am a dansih physician, M.D., MindBody Medicine certified pracititioner and intuitive teacher and healer. 

I have a powerful package from my conventional carreer and education. My own healing journey took left me devistated, when I found out that I had to find my own path to healing. At the time, the conventional system didn't have an option for me, and I was send on my way. What I know now, was very right! My healing path was a powerful holistic life changing healing journey as I believe it is for most people and I learned a lot. I learned how we are all much more connected than we might realize. I learned my own superpowers and that I was much more powerful, than I had realized and that going through health challenges beings gifts too of waking up to a new way of living! Learn new ways of loving and embracing yourself with all that you are! 

I learned about the power and importance of vibrational health and how important it is to master your intuition and sensitivity, thoughts, emotions and sensational body and how crucial it is to your physical wellbeing and thriving!

This is a totally new aspect of healing that I decided to research in to take myself back to health, aliveness and living! Loving myself back to health. And I am not the only one. I discovered that my story is not unique to healing cases - There are many others registered to have become spontaneus healers using mindbody medicine/ holistic tools. 

It's time we share this with the world! 

I am here to share it with you!

Let's take our power back - Take back the power over your body, mind, spirit, health and wellbeing! You are powerful!

Lot's of love, dr. Ida





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