Your Holistic Pathway to Heal


What you are seeking is already in you.

There's a beauty inside that you've been neglecting. 

You think you need to be like the outside world, and "fit in," but that's just undermining your inner wisdom.


You're feeling constricted in your work and your relationships, both social and intimate, but that's just because you're disconnected with yourself. 

Navigating the systems and people around you can become cumbersome, and may start to manifest health and energy issues. 


It's exhausting trying to cope when everything you've tried is just not working. 

I will show you how to tap into the space you are missing and connect with your higher consciousness 

You are here for a reason. And you will realize, THIS is it. I'll show you how to find this space where you can then experience the world in a whole new way.

Your work and your relationships will flourish and health issues will seem to just disappear. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Ida Kisku

A pioneer in the wellness space, I've been working as a physician and in the medical field, in a number of specialties, for 10+ years. While practicing, I noticed there was a real masculine structure in our medical system and felt a need for a deeper way of practicing.

Patients visit doctors with concerns and there's usually a lab test, diagnosis or pill. If your concern doesn't fit into that box, doctors won't know what to do and will send you on your way.

There's a lack of time spent with patients to really dive deep into all that is going on with their thought patterns & mindset, life, career and relationships which play a huge part in healing illness & disease.

I've become the first Danish doctor practicing MindBody Medicine. I work with clients without prescribing drugs. 

It's time for natural healing support in a safe place to work through all that you need. I'll meet you where you are at now and take the time to develop a connection and guide you holistically.



It's time to pay attention to ALL of you.  

Access wholeness. This is about a holistic approach to your challenges and having a safe & confidential container to speak openly about your stresses. 



It's time to be inspired and create. 

I know you're ready to feel alive again and open up!



It's time to find your center. 

You want to be honoring yourself, accessing your own Goddess and experiencing self-love on a deeper level.

It's time for possibility.

You need to raise your frequency and allow things to move into a new space so you can exist in a new way. You KNOW that it's not right for you to be in this current situation and it IS possible for you to heal and be healthy.



Let's go deep together into all that is you. 

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"Ida helped me pick up the threads, my body awareness, my imagination, and helped me bring together the real skills and tools I already had and find exactly what helps me now, where I am and that, together with the new tools that she has given me, have given me a lot of new roads and paths that I can use in my further journey. Keywords are gentleness, humor, insight and wisdom."

Katrine - satisfied client

"I recommend sessions with Ida Malene Kisku -  the "conscious doctor." She is a magnet for love and tranquility and when she assists you she activates magic in your consciousness and body ... - if you allow!"

Josá, New York

"Guided by Ida, I came upon a really nice "journey" which very clearly "showed me" both what way I shouldn't go and what I should do more of. The journey also showed me which patterns / habits / people are not beneficial to me. It was a pretty wild discovery that it turned out so clearly to me. I also got a clear view of something in me that I had forgotten - and which I missed (I found out)."

Katrine Green Rostgaard

"Dr. Ida is an indescribably loving, empathetic, compassionate, present, altruistic person. I could go on! She really makes all people feel dignified, seen, understood, welcome ... Her treatment methods grab you in a wonderfully fine, discreet and comfortable way. Through conversation, she intuitively feels where the anxiety is sitting and blocking the body and allows it to go free."